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Scott Deardorff’s Mastering the Digital Canvas™ training series will take an in-depth look at various painting subjects and styles.  Scott will share with you the techniques he uses to create his own artwork – techniques he’s spent years developing and perfecting.  The first installment in this series is “Lesson One, Creative Animal-Painting Techniques for Photoshop,” which contains over six hours of video instruction.  This lesson begins with an introduction to the smudge tool, Scott’s primary painting tool, and concludes with a beginning-to-end demonstration of his easy-to-follow techniques for transforming an animal photo into an animal painting .    Click here  to view Scott’s animal painting gallery.

We’re happy to announce the release of “Lesson Two, Creative Portrait-Painting Techniques for Photoshop.”  In this nine-hour lesson, Scott will guide you through the process of transforming photographs of people into painted portraits.  As with Lesson One, his primary tool in this lesson is the smudge tool, but he’ll also spend some time introducing you to – and then incorporating – some of Photoshop’s newer painting features.    We hope that, like Lesson One, you’ll find this video to be a valuable learning tool.     Click here  to view Scott’s portrait gallery.

By ordering both Lesson One + Two you’ll receive our package discount. With the current special, you’ll pay just $179.   For this price you’ll receive over 15 hours of video instruction in the art of painting portraits of animals and people in Photoshop + everything you need to follow along.     Click here for more information on this 2-DVD set.

In future lessons, Scott will demonstrate techniques for painting other subjects, including the character portrait and the still life.  Each new lesson will build on the information presented in previous lessons.   We hope you’ll enjoy following along and learning as Scott shares with you the art of digital painting in Photoshop.  Please  CONTACT  us for additional information, or  click here  for answers to  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


Anyone who hopes to master the art of digital painting in Photoshop will benefit from the information and demonstration shared in these lessons.

  • If you’re a portrait photographer, you may discover new possibilities for your portrait images – and new opportunities to expand your product line and profit potential.
  • If you’re a digital artist, you may discover new techniques and new ideas that will aid in the pursuit of your creative vision.
  • If you’re a traditional artist, you may wish to explore the many benefits and creative possibilities of painting in the digital realm.

Whether you’re a creative professional, an aspiring professional or a hobbyist, our hope is that you’ll find all of our training products to be valuable learning tools.